Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture partnerships with our Stakeholders, enabling opportunities for our
Staff to develop, Suppliers to grow in our shared success, whilst delivering innovative service solutions to our Clients.

Who we are

Dedication, Innovation, Respect, Excellence, Commitment, Trust

Consortio Security  is one of the world’s fastest growing, most forward thinking security led businesses, dedicated to protecting property, information and people.  When delivering our services, we always carefully consider possible impacts on consumers and work hard to minimise these. We also acknowledge our wider role in protecting the general public at all times.

Consortio Security works alongside blue chip and public-sector organisations to reduce loss, manage risk, provide manpower resource and generally protect their operations and interests.

Consortio Security offers a bespoke security solution to all its clients, which makes this unique and incomparable in the quality of the service we provide. Each on site staff team is individually trained to specific operations for each respective site, with a strong focus on customer and public liaison. We develop precise training programs for each client and we benchmark our KPI’s on a monthly basis to ensure quality standards are maintained.

Consortio Security is much more than a vendor; we are partners in business with all our clients