How to keep your warehouse secure?

Warehouse Security is an important aspect for many commercial businesses. Companies across various industries depend on their warehouses to store valuable goods/assets. Security problems will result in financial loss as well as lower employee morale. We have compiled a list about the important security measures, businesses should put in place to keep their warehouse secure. If you spot anything you are currently lacking, we would recommend you upgrade your current security system.

List of important security measures
  • Entrance and exit doors of the warehouse should be guarded with powerful physical access control system based on the latest technologies for all vehicles and people
  • Vehicle loading should be done through separate channels for better warehouse security
  • Install a CCTV surveillance system for live monitoring of the internal and external activities
  • Don’t allow visitors roaming in the warehouse without supervision of warehouse staff
  • Install proper alarm system to alert you for any misadventure or malicious activity
  • Proper inspection of the vehicles going in and out of the warehouse should be done
  • The proper security lighting system inside and outside the warehouse should be installed
  • Manned guards should be employed at the entrance and exit checkpoints
  • Regular review and maintenance of the warehouse security system should be done


Why choose Consortio Security?

Our highly experienced and professional team, who will have expert knowledge of your requirements, will manage your warehouse security. Consortio Security understands that client assets are vulnerable to threat at every stage of the distribution chain: in between the production and retail stages, thousands of valuable assets are stored in depots and warehouses. A high volume of goods stored in one location, with a perceived lower security presence due to often-remote locations, represents an appealing target for crime from both external and internal sources. In order to tackle this issue, Consortio Security provides a professional and essential security presence in distribution depots and warehouses, aimed at protecting company assets from theft, damage or manipulation. This is implemented through a variety of methods, such as manned security, CCTV, mobile patrols, or simply key holding and alarm response.


Consortio Security warehouse security solutions

The services implemented will depend on the needs and preferences of each client. We will work closely with client management to ascertain the best security solution for each site. We will look to utilise our experience in the sector to design the bespoke service, which will best safeguard our clients’ assets.

Our security solutions include:

  • Access control restrictions to separate storage areas
  • Panic buttons for lone workers
  • Alarm systems for internal and perimeter breaches
  • CCTV for deterrent of intruders, monitoring employee location, ensuring health and safety regulations are met, and monitoring deliveries
  • Tracking goods and identifying shipments through links with third party
  • Access control to monitor times of working for your employees
  • Consortio Security provides constant innovation for our extensive client base. Our focus on innovation offers existing and new customers the opportunity to benefit from our ongoing investment in technology. We are now able to supplement our traditional manned guard patrols with technology to provide greater security for our clients.

If you would like to talk to us, you can visit our contact page and a member of our Business Development team will get back to you within 24 hours.