The Importance of having CCTV for your organisation

In today’s world, security is an increasing priority for businesses. There are real and potential threats for employees, staff and material assets. Consortio Security is at the forefront of providing solutions that enhance security and improve safety. Used in conjunction with other security measures, CCTV is a great tool to deter crime and ensure accountability.
The benefits of CCTV can be broken down into a few bullet points: 
  • Personal safety of employees and other stakeholders
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Litigation reduction
  • Protection of building infrastructure assets and equipment (e.g. laptops)
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Quick & easy to implement
How can Consortio Security Help?

At Consortio Security we have a state of the art Communications Centre based in the East Midlands. From here we have the ability to monitor your CCTV remotely to ensure you have an immediate reactive response to any incidents that may occur. Consortio Security can simply view your current CCTV, Upgrade your current system as part of a technology solution to work hand in hand with your physical guarding. We also operate access control via active CCTV or use Audio alongside the CCTV to challenge intruders and trespassers. This service is designed to add an immediate deterrent to theft, vandalism and allow the operators to work with emergency services to pinpoint the area of a fire or accident

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Using a high quality and professionally installed CCTV system can make life easier on your campus. Consortio Security provide a host of technical solutions, either as a standalone, or integrated system. We can offer fully installed, maintained and monitored systems from as little as £40 per week (t&c’s apply).  Click Here to view our systems.

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